What Does Link In Bio Mean?

Instagram Model Featured Image
Instagram Model Featured Image ezau.com

When somebody on social media says Link in Bio, or see Link in Bio, it means they want you to visit their profile page and click the link in their bio (Biography). Here's how to do it.


Someone on Instagram posts a photo and the caption says See link in bio. This call to action is asking the reader to visit the users profile page and click the link in their bio.

Step One

Navigate to the Instagram users profile page by clicking on their username link.

Instagram Call to Action
Instagram Call to Action

Step Two

At their profile page, you should be able to find the link in their bio.

Link in Bio
Link in Bio

Applies to all Social Media Platforms

So this applies to other social media platforms such as Facebook, TikTok and others. The user/poster usually asks you to see link in bio on platforms where they can't put the link in the actual post.

So if you want to check out the link in their bio, navigate to their profile page and snoop around until you find it.