Template Instructions

How to use my Free website templates.

Method One - Import to Groove Block Editor

This is the quickest and easiest way to get your page live without dabbling around in code editors. The block editor allows users to create and publish static websites without any coding or technical knowledge.

Step One

Use the Share URL to import the template into the drag and drop block editor.

Step Two

Edit the template using the block editor.

Step Three

Publish your page.

Congratulations, you are now live.

Method Two - Download HTML Template Zip

For experienced webmasters who know how to edit CSS/HTML, have their own web hosting, and know how to use FTP.

  • Download the template zip and unpack it.
  • Edit the template with your favourite text or code editor.
  • Upload the site to your server.


Index Pages

Some templates come with two index pages.

  • index.html
  • index.php

In this case, only one should be uploaded to your server.

The only difference is that index.php has the php get current year code in the footer.

Free HTML Website Templates