DVD Slide Show

From: Ed Zivkovic

How To Make a DVD Slide Show

DVD slide show software can build slideshows from either photos or movie video clips which can then be burned to DVD.

The best DVD slide show builders can also create a professional DVD Menu System and will autorun/autoplay the DVD.

Be careful when selecting a DVD Slide Show Builder because most of them have slightly different features. For example, some will make a SlideShow from only photos, some will not create a DVD Menu while certain other ones will only play on your PC.

Selecting a DVD SlideShow Builder

Selecting a DVD SlideShow Builder becomes easier when you narrow your choices down to the ones you can try out first to see if it suits you. These are called Trialware versions which means you can download and try them out first before making a purchasing commitment.

Below are some DVD SlideShow Builders for both Windows and Mac machines. Some listings can also create professional DVD menus for your project while others are a complete DVD burning software with SlideShow features.

Trialware versions are offered for Windows machines while for some reason Trialware versions are not offered for Mac machines.

DVD SlideShow Builders