How To Accept Credit Cards With No Merchant Account

From: Ed Zivkovic

Accept Credit Card Payments On The Internet

Imagine this. You wake up one morning, make your cup of coffee and log on to the Internet. You check your emails and discover that your auto-pilot information selling business has made several sales.

You have no worries about packaging the product and mailing it to your customer because your customer has already downloaded the product. You just sit back and get a check every two weeks.

This is not just a dream or some passing fancy. This is how Internet marketers make money Online. They know how to accept credit cards without a merchant account. Let's face it, if you do not have the capacity to accept credit card payments, you are not in business. This is one of the best ways to make money on the web.

Make Money On The Net

So who can use this to make money? If you sell eBooks and other downloadable products, you can set this up to instantly deliver your products once the customers credit card has been validated.

If you have a members only website, you can also use this system to instantly deliver the access passwords to your customers. Your imagination is the limit.

In most cases you can use this system for any product that can be delivered electronically, and in some cases you can use it to deliver your products by mail.

Your whole business is in fact on "Auto-Pilot". The customer orders and is then directed to the product fulfillment page. How great is that?

Accept Credit Cards Online Without A Merchant Account

    PayPal - Setup cost: $0

    Paypal will process your credit cards for a small percentage of the transaction and credit the money to your account. Paypal will allow you to sell electronic goods, hard goods and monthly recurring subscriptions. You will need to know how to make your own sales page and a product delivery page.

    If you are going to be selling downloadable products such as PDF eBooks, you might do well to get this $7 website software which automates the entire Paypal selling process. This software (and excellent report) includes a sales page template (salesletter.html) along with a product delivery template (download.html).

    Clickbank - Setup Cost: $50

    Clickbank will also process your customers credit cards for a small fee. You will need to know how to make your own sales page and a product delivery page. Clickbank will allow you to sell electronic goods, and monthly recurring subscriptions.

Your Own Affiliate Program

Both of the above methods allow you to build an army of affiliates to sell your product for you. Getting others to sell for you is probably one of the most overlooked methods of getting traffic to your website. Think about it, affiliates send you traffic for FREE and they only get paid if they make a sale!

For Paypal you will need the $7 website software which has a built in affiliate program that pays affiliates directly into their Paypal account instantly which means you do not have to manage affiliates, or send checks etcetera.

For Clickbank you will need to become a Vendor for $50. Clickbank manages the affiliate program and sends affiliate checks every 2 weeks which also means you do not have to manage affiliates. However, affiliates can only send traffic to your top level product. If you want to promote more than one product through the affiliate network, please read this article which explains how to solve this problem.